You can use tools you already have or purchase our speciality tool kit?

    This video will help you choose the tools suitable for young woodworkers:

    want to grab some of our tools?

    Get all the tools you need in one place.

    • No need to wonder if you have the right tools
    • Access our “how to use the tools” and safety videos

    These selections of tools are based on many years of experience teaching children woodwork in our Two Sheds Workshop kids classes and holiday programs. They are quality tools that will last them forever – not just while they are children for they are ‘real’ woodworking tools.  

    Things like the Japanese saw having a long handle and cutting as you pull the blade towards you gives an ease to sawing that makes it more achievable for children.   

    The Shinto saw rasp has a different roughness on each side and is excellent at removing material efficiently and easily.   

    The Full Tool Kit includes all the tools to get going with our woodwork project kits and woodworking beyond! Our instruction videos and PDFs are based on this kit. We highly recommend this Kit to set your young woodworker up.  

    Our Essential Tool Kit is a bench hook, Shinto saw rasp and a Japanese saw. These tools are probably not easily found at home or the local hardware but make a world of difference to the ease of woodworking for children. (You’ll be hooked if you give them a go yourself!) 

    The Bench Hook is a fabulous tool that enables the woodworker to hold & clamp the timber easily and protect the work table. You can easily make one yourself but our Schmickee-doo one is pretty cool!

     If you don’t purchase any of our tool kits that’s fine by us too! Just use our Full Tool Kit inclusion list to gather the right tools together but make sure they are sharp, not rusty and are fit for use to give your young woodworker the safest and best woodwork experience.


    5 in stock (can be backordered)

    19 in stock (can be backordered)

    Why  buy our toolkit?

    While it is not essential to purchase our tool kit for your child it is important that the child has tools suitable for them and that they are sharp and fit for use. This will enhance the building of their project experience. Our videos and PDF instructions are based on our tool kit.

    what do I get in the toolkit?

    Essentials Toolkit contains:

    • Shinto saw rasp
    • Japanese saw
    • Bench hook

    Contains the tools we believe are the key to kids easily achieving great results with our project kits and going on to do their own woodwork projects. Includes – japanese saw, saw rasp and Schmickee-doo bench hook

    5 in stock (can be backordered)

    Full Toolkit contains:

    • 2x 150mm quick grip clamps
    • Shinto saw rasp
    • Japanese saw
    • Coping saw + spare blades
    • 8oz Hammer
    • Safety glasses
    • Bench hook

    Contains the tools we believe are the key to kids easily achieving great results with our project kits and going on to do their own woodwork projects.


    How do I get a Creative Kids Voucher?

    We are a registered Create NSW Creative Kids provider. This means you can use your Creative Kids Vouchers towards any of our  online Schmickee-doo kid’s woodwork project boxes and tool kits.

    If you live anywhere in NSW and have school aged children you can get the Creative Kids Vouchers and use them with us. For further information to do with registering for the Voucher visit NSW Government Creative Kids by clicking the button here.

    Once you have your voucher, you can claim the $100 discount using the coupon code creativekids at checkout ( all lower case 🙂


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