The Projects

Choose your Schmickee-doo Project Kit and get exclusive access to:

  • the Schmickee-doo video library
  • the project prerecorded ‘how to’ video – that you can stop start as you need to learn at your own pace
  • our how to use the tools and safety videos
  • our written instructions

About Schmickee-doo

Schmickee-doo Woodworking has come directly out of our Two Sheds Woodwork for Kids program. We offer afterschool classes to kid’s in Bega and Canberra but what about everyone else?

what do I get in a project?

in the delivered project kit you get:

  • all the materials needed to build your chosen project – timber products, sandpaper, glue, fixings etc
  • templates
  • a blow by blow project instruction booklet
  • an easy reference project worksheet
  • how to use the tools worksheets
  • a free fun practice project for you to get going on your woodwork skills
  • and some surprises!

All of this will arrive for you to get building straight away (after a suitable safe work area has been set up).

You can also join our exclusive Schmickee-doo Woodworkers Facebook Group to ask questions, connect with other Schmickee-doo Woodworkers and show off the fruits of your labours!

what about safety?

Our Build in a Box woodwork program is recommended for children ages 10 and up.

Also, given that sharp tools are involved, it is assumed that the Schmickee-doo woodworker will be supervised by an adult at all times.

Here’s a sample of the Safety video you get with your project:

Got Questions?

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Schmickee-doo Woodwork for Kids is a Two Sheds Workshop venture supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and the Creative Kids Program. We gratefully acknowledge the funding received from Create NSW to begin this venture.